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This easy-to-read storybook gives children early exposure to everyday occurrences they might encounter in their surroundings. Related words are also highlighted to enrich children’s vocabulary bank.

Each set consists of 5 titles of books and every book includes 3 different stories.

Book 1: Behave Yourself
Book 2: Family Ties
Book 3: Animals and Me
Book 4: Thank You Teacher
Book 5: Friends Forever

Behave Yourself
• Sinopsis : A collection of stories on behaving appropriately. Kids should be taught moral principles and constructive attitudes.

• ISBN : 955-577-0904-33-7

Family Ties
• Sinopsis : A collection of stories involving family ties. Along with strengthening family ties, it is appropriate for children to foster positive relationships among family members.

• ISBN : 955-577-0904-38-2
Animals and Me
• Sinopsis : A collection of stories highlighting love towards animals. In addition to educating children on how to care for animals, it gives them early exposure to being around them.

• ISBN : 955-577-0904-30-6

Thank You Teacher
• Sinopsis : A collection of stories regarding appreciating teachers’ contributions. Along with learning to respect them even more, it is appropriate for children to value their teachers.

• ISBN : 955-577-0904-42-9

Friends Forever
• Sinopsis : A collection of stories about friendship. It is appropriate for children to learn how to make friends and form strong bonds with others.


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